Miyeon Kim is a New York based visual designer + multimedia developer.

She has a great passion for design and technology, possessing a firm belief that
technology can help create a better world for humans, benefiting our daily lives.
Her main focus of study is cognitive science and human behavior improvement
in assistance of design and technology.

Miyeon holds a BFA in Motion graphics from the School of Visual Arts (SVA)
and is currently an MFA candidate at Parsons School of Design. 
Her interests include machine learning, game design, creative coding,
interaction design, and visual design including motion graphics. 


CONTACT:   +1 917 558 2308   |  kimm068@newschool.edu




Link-Link at The Creators project
Link-Link at Digital Trends
Link-Link at GQ Magazine



U.F.O. Bellies at alt.ctrl.GDC

Game Exhibition at Babycastles (Crash Report)
Link-Link at NYC Media lab Summit 2016
Link-Link at Games for Change 2016
Runner up of Future of Listening Hackathon by Amazon Audible (Audible kids)
Showcase Audible Kids at Creative Tech Week
Link-Link at Playcrafting NYC Summer Expo (Microsoft)
Link-Link at playcrafting NYC Spring Expo (Microsoft)
Exhibit Pi-Ly Run at the Liberty Science Center
The Flow at Game Devs of Color Expo (Microsoft)
The Flow at Playcrafting NYC Winter Expo (Microsoft)
Daydream at PhotoFeast Film Fest
A Grapheme-Synesthesia book at Parsons Pop Up Print Shop & Show

Exhibition at Art Directors Club in NYC
Adobe Design Achievement Awards Semifinalist