Physical Computing



combination lock
oct 2015


Physical Computing
Arduino, LED, 4 Buttons, Piezo


A combination lock using 4 buttons in sequence. Press from right to left the LED light turns on.
I got the code online and tried to manipulate them by using piezo. I started with making Mario theme song.

When I got to this stage, I detached the last (4th) button from breadboard and
replaced it on Minion’s hand. And I replaced LED light on his eye.

And instead of Mario theme song, I made Minion theme song.


2nd Iteration

After I finished playing with minion, I wanted to actually put Arduino and breadboard inside of the doll.
So I decided to buy a new doll since I didn’t want to cut my old friend.

The next day, I bought another minion doll from toys R us.
It was smaller than my previous one and I thought it is the best size to hide Arduino in the body.


And I started to cut his back…

I also cut his hands and feet to connect 4 different buttons. So I added wires on each of them.

Since I didn’t solder the wires it was really tricky for me to put them into the doll.
And the size of doll was too small to put both Arduino and breadboard.

After I finish connecting all the buttons, LED and piezo.

Now I feel guilty that I cut my friend...