The flow


The Flow is a virtual reality therapy that is designed for graduate students who have experience in Generalized Anxiety Disorder, specifically study anxiety. This therapeutic experience is set in virtual world and users can encounter it in their daily life whenever they feel anxious or stressed by studying. This therapy is a single experience treatment that places them in a virtual world. The user can experience both therapeutic treatment and stress relief in the virtual world. 


The Flow was showcased at the 2016 Playcrafting Winter Expo
and the 2016 Game Devs of Color Expo Arcade organized by Brooklyn Gamery,
Both Expos were held at Microsoft Technology Center at Times Square in New York.

  Unity 3d, Cinema 4d,
  Oculus Rift2, Leap Motion





DEMO Video


This experience mentally challenge the user to take a step back from studying, which causes stress,
and replace oneself in a virtual world. According to Dr. Gregory Jantz, using a different environment to help calm you down.

The therapy created with Unity 3d, a game development software. This therapy offers scenes of virtual world
and the user is requested to wear Oculus headset to immerse themselves into the virtual world.
Using Leap motion, a hand tracking device, the player can use hand gestures and
movements to
create an extra layer of immersion.





There are two different stages, a stage for stress relief and another stage for relaxation.
The first stage (universe) consists in dark colors with many ugly stars and the second stage (the peaceful paradise-like planet)
consists in bright colors with playground elements and natural environments to evoke feelings of innocence of childhood.



T H E R A P E U T I C   E L E M E N T S


GAME Demo Video


Game Devs of Color Expo